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New Mini Handle ... tall & no pockets


New to the family! This is the fourth style to have the thick, mini handles. A minikin version of the large bags, adorable!

Here's the first of this style. Love the shape! Gorgeous upholstery fabric (though I've used it before and am thrilled to have found more) done in taupe, putty, blue, golden yellow, rose and deep rose. Lining is another upholkstery fabric with a wool like texture in rose and ivory... and lovely floral 'stripe'. No pockets. Magnetic closure with a decorative vintage button, a taupe knot! Opens wide, stable sit, knitting nestles in so nicely and lots oh height! A small bag that'll hold more than you'd think! Sleek and efficient. Wide, bulbous sides. Honestly, it's like it stepped into a shrinking machine! Vermont Cherry handles, so pretty.

Bag measures 18.5" from side seam to side seam, has a 4.75" base pleat and is 12.25" tall not including the handles which measure 6.5" X 3".

Additional pictures of this bag may be seen on the Facebook page!

Shipping fees for bags sent out of the US will be adjusted accordingly.

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