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Newst Mini handled bag..


Brand new little bag that came to me this afternoon! Joining the Suzie Q as another perfect two smaller project bag. Just right for a couple pf sock or mitten projects. It is adorable and oh so mini!

Lighter weight upholstery fabric with a black background and a sweeping floral done in shades of green, cinnamon, salmon, butter, mauve and soft pinks. Lining is another cotton upholstery fabric in a pretty coordinating raspberry stripe. No pockets. Magnetic closure with a decorative vintage button. Opens wide, work nestles nicely down inside. This bag will hold two sock or mitten projects... Pretty curved sides with lots of gather to the thick mini handles. Honestly, it's like it stepped into a shrinking machine! Mini Vermont Cherry handles. I love these little bags!!

Bag measures 18" from side seam to side seam, has a 3.25" base pleat and is 8.75" tall not including the handles which measure 6.5" X 3".

Additional pictures of this bag may be seen on the Facebook page!

Shipping fees for bags sent out of the US will be adjusted accordingly.

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